The 3rd Annual
Boobies & Wieners: Ménage à trois
October 2–24, 2015

Boobies & Wieners is back for a third year featuring immature and explicit nude art from almost 100 artists, including some great work from a few American guests. If there’s anything Vancouver loves, it’s dirty art! 

Featuring: Two Dimes, Sabrina Elliott, Tina Lugo, Shary Contrary, Megan Magdalena and Nomi Chi. 

Toes 1- Currently on tour in New York with TART ARTS- Acrylic on Wood 12x14

Toes 1- Currently on tour in New York with TART ARTS- Acrylic on Wood 12x14

Toes 2 Acrylic on Wood 12x14 SOLD

Toes 2 Acrylic on Wood 12x14 SOLD


Paintings based on movies- a tribute to Wes Anderson's Life Aquatic and John Huston's Moby Dick.

Both stories center around powerful and deranged captains who seek revenge from a giant sea creature.  Both captains are injured by the sea creature, and their hunt leads them on an adventure at great cost to their crew. When the creature is finally tracked down, neither men are able to destroy it.

This is my first project of the new year and I was surprised to see Moby Dick in my horoscope for the first week of Jan!  Maybe the stars are watching.


The Beverly Owens Project is a new contemporary studio/ art gallery in and amongst the well established contemporary art galleries on Queen West in Toronto.

An exhibition based on the Seven Sins, these are my pieces for Envy, Vanity and Wrath. 



Hot Rods & Heels Velvet Art Show at The Wallflower Modern Diner and the East Side Culture Crawl 2009.  Vintage cars and babes- all the hot parts!



These woodburns are burlesque representations of the body.  Burlesque is the celebration of all shapes and sizes. Large curvy bodies are objectified and sexualized.   The wood has a rustic, natural feel, showing the grain, the sepia tone is suggestive of the "olden days", reminiscent of the golden days of burlesque, and the tool is as hot as the bodies are.  They are active, they are dancing, there is a rhythm to their movement in celebration of the self.

The mission of The Dirty Show is to promote, publish and propagate erotic art in all forms. Since it’s inception at the turn of the century, the founders have been entertaining and enlightening the masses with a delightful event called, The Dirty Show.

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