The Third Annual Boobies & Wieners Art Show

This year I am one of the featured artists at Hot Art Wet City's Annual Boobies and Wieners Art Show! I decided to do a few pieces based on our Instagram culture where everyone wants to see those tits, but nipples are censored against regulations of decency and community standards.

Boobies & Wieners is back for a third year featuring immature and explicit nude art from almost 100 artists, including some great work from a few American guests. If there’s anything Vancouver loves, it’s dirty art! ADULTS ONLY! VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED!

Photos from the show on Flickr > (you may have to login to Flickr to view)

Featuring: Two Dimes, Sabrina Elliott, Tina Lugo, Shary Contrary, Megan Magdalena and Nomi Chi.

Shary Contrary- Show Us Your Tits But Not Your Nips

Acrylic on Wood, 16x20

Mermaids Against Misogyny

Acrylic on Wood, 16x20 inches

Jenn Brisson- Frida Nipple

Acrylic on Wood 16x20 inches

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Having an art show at The Wallflower Diner tonight for the first time in a long time!  Join me there for POLERSKATE! A roller skate, pole and derby themed art show featuring art work by ME!!

Opening reception July 2nd at 7pm.  Show runs until the end of July 2015!

2420 Main St, Vancouver BC

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Oh Joy Sex Toy

During the author book talk by Emily Nagoski at Powell's Books in Portland, she said she was going to be at She Bop the next day with illustrator Erika Moen.  I didn't know where She Bop was or who Erika was, but I rode my bike to Mississippi Ave the next day to find out.

I bought her book but missed her author talk that evening, and boy am I ever kicking myself now!  What a great book!  I haven't been able to put this down, and I think I'll read it again when I get to the end.  I learned so much about sex toys (and I already knew quite a lot!) and about different types of lube, body parts and sexual issues.

art by Erika Moen

art by Erika Moen

The drawings are clear and descriptive and I laughed out loud so many times.  She makes sex fun, stimulating, safe and normal.

My favorite thing about her drawings is how much diversity she is able to capture in her illustrations.  Men, women, trans, butch, fat, skinny, tall, short- they are all included in her many ways of expressing sex.  And I really fell in love when I saw the amputees and the person in the wheelchair- Erika Moen really thought to include everyone in her orgy of acceptance.


I can't say enough good things about this book.  Get your hands on one here.

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Put Your Eyes All Over This Book

Last week in Portand I was able to attend an author talk by sex educator Emily Nagoski.  Her new book Come As You Are combines sexual desire with sexy science.  


"Cutting-edge research across multiple disciplines tells us that the most important factor for women in creating and sustaining a fulfilling sex life is not what you do in bed or how you do it, but how you feel about it. Which means that stress, mood, trust, and body image are not peripheral factors in a woman's sexual well-being; they are central to it."


She breaks down women's sexuality into a system of accelerators and brakes and describes sexual responses in an easy to understand way. The book is divided into four parts- The Basics, Sex in Context, Sex in Action and Ecstacy for Everybody.  The book is tied together with 4 women's stories which act as a composite of issues and experiences common to many women. 

So far this is a very interesting and relatable book, and I'm so glad i got a chance to meet Emily! The book talk went on for two hours and people didn't want to stop asking questions.  Emily's enthusiasm about sex and education was contagious, and I'm sure we all went to bed that night eager to learn a little more.

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Crafters and Inventors Meet at Got Craft? Spring Edition

Got Craft? brings together crafters and shoppers who celebrate handmade and D.I.Y. culture. Founded in 2007, Got Craft? is held in the spring and winter, and features 80 handmade designers, craft workshops, tasty treats, music, swag bags, and boasts an average attendance of 5700 people.

Featured at the show was the Vancouver branch of Maker Faire. Maker Fair and Hackspace are a community of inventors and creators who share their resourcefulness, building on the Maker movement. It’s a place where people show what they are making, and share what they are learning.

The MakerMobile team was at Got Craft? to raise money for their latest project, the Workshop on Wheels. The inventor, Farrell Segall, took us outside to show us his big yellow truck which he has converted into a rolling workshop space for aspiring Maker children.

After having this truck for several years, Farrell had an idea for a rolling classroom.  He built 10 folding desks where kids can sit at tables or drafting benches and learn how to create projects.  An instructor space was built near the cab of the truck, and under the desks are benches where kids can store tools and craft supplies.

Farrell is very excited about hitting the streets with the MakerMobile.  Once the truck is fully equipped, the MakerMobile team plans to launch a Young Makers program.  This will give youth the opportunity to work on interdisciplinary Do It Youself projects, integrating arts, crafts, science, engineering and electronics.  The truck can also roll up to community events, such as farmers markets, and let children create projects using recycled components, electronics and art materials.

MakerMobile plans to build a world class teaching facility in the back of this truck, and they are looking for help from the community. Monetary donation are welcome, but they would also appreciate donations of tools and electronics that will furnish their teaching tool kit. LED lighting strips, hand tools, craft supplies and equipment are some of the items on their wish list, and you can see a list of other requests on their website here.

Got Craft? and Maker Faire Vancouver will be partnering again for the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire this coming June! Another mixer where you can find crafters, bakers, jewelery makers and see what the inventors are up to next.

When: Saturday, June 1st and Sunday, June 2nd, 2013 from 10-6pm.
Where: PNE forum building (corner of Hastings and Renfrew in Vancouver)
Participate: Complete a vendor application here

Contact the MakerMobile at

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Safar/Voyage: Contemporary Works by Arab, Iranian and Turkish Artists at Museum of Anthropology

A voyage takes many forms, expressed in Middle Eastern painting, sculpture and video.

On April 20, the Museum of Anthropology will open a new exhibit called Safar/Voyage: Contemporary Works by Arab, Iranian, and Turkish Artists. It marks the first major Canadian group exhibition of 16 internationally recognized contemporary artists from the Middle Eastern region. It is also one of the first shows in MOA’s new mandate to become a museum that reflects world cultures in both historical and contemporary terms.

Safar is the Persion word for Voyage. The title lends itself to universal themes of translation and travel that people from cultures all over the world can relate to. Life itself is a voyage, and this exhibition takes us on an imaginary journey, beginning with a map of the world. It focuses in on Eastern cities and explores the differences between regions, cultures and ethnicities. Geopolitical issues, immigration, and longing for home are common themes in these quiet, philosophical and thoughtful works.

The featured artists want to be known as individuals, rather than by their religion or nationality, but where the artists come from heavily influences their personal expression.  Eastern artists have not often been represented in galleries or museums in Canada, but there is a long tradition of contemporary and modern art in the Middle East.  In a city where so many people are from somewhere else, many of the themes of immigration and change may resonate with the people of Vancouver.

The exhibition includes a wide range of media, from painting and sculpture to video and audio installations. Fereshteh Daftar, curator of this exhibition, hopes that people come away from this show with a sense that the language of Eastern artists is a global language. Expanding our notions of the Middle East beyond repressed women or local violence, Safar/Voyage hopes to shift our perspective to a horizon of creativity and visibility.

This exhibition runs until September 15 and also features an ambitious roster of public, community and school events. Opening night is April 20, 7-10 pm.

The programming will also feature a MOA Global Dialogue on Nomadic Aesthetics and the Importance of Place sponsored by Wesbild Holdings. The MOA Global Dialogue will concludes with a special feature, “In Conversation with Jian Ghomeshi” in MOA’s Great Hall.

Curator Talk
Fereshteh Daftari
Sunday April 21 2013 – 1:00 pm
Museum of Anthropology I Free with museum admission
Dr. Fereshteh Daftari, curator of Safar/Voyage, discusses the themes of
the exhibition.

Visit the Museum of Anthropology’s website.

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Jim Breukelman’s Fish Ladder: Salmon in the Capilano at the Canada Line

Salmon are an iconic part of the British Columbian identity, and important to the economy and the culture of this region. With the announcement of more funds for the Pacific Salmon Foundation in last week’s federal budget and the opening of a new public art installation at the Canada Line’s City Center Station, Jim Breukelman’s Fish Ladder: Salmon in the Capilano rings in a big week for salmon in the city.

InTransit BC’s Canada Line Public Art Program supports emerging and established artists by providing space for public art in highly visible locations along the Canada Line route in Vancouver.  The exhibit themes and types of media are very broad, featuring photography, sculpture, text based artwork and posters in nine stops along the Line, and often feature the work of artists from Emily Carr, the UBC Art Department, and Langara College.

Public art creates eye catching conversation pieces about the culture of this region as we move through our city on Transit. Jim Breukelman’s piece collaborates with the City of Vancouver’s Public Art Program, where they are able to exhibit local, national and international established artists.

Salmon are a captivating feature of British Columbia’s coastal wildlife, and Fish Ladder sets side by side the movement of salmon with people as they travel through the environment. Similar to a fish ladder, which guides the turbulent movement of salmon through the Capilano River Hatchery, people are funneled up and down the escalators to their destinations along the Canada Line.

“What I find uplifting about these images is that, even though these creatures are being controlled, funnelled through a man-made environment, they retain their aura of wildness,” Breukelman says. “In spite of the knowledge base we have amassed about salmon, there are still important aspects of their life that remain unknown. For me, that is the beauty of wildness and wilderness….its potential for surprise and conjecture.”

Jim Breukelman’s installation will be on display at the Vancouver City Centre Station March through September 2013.

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CO-MIX Art Spiegelman at the Vancouver Art Gallery

 On the day of his 65th birthday, the Vancouver Art Gallery opened CO-MIX, a retrospective of the 40 year career of brilliant American artist Art Spiegelman.  CO-MIX features more than 400 preparatory drawings, sketches, studies and panels, samples from his work for Topps candy company and a collection of Garbage Pail Kids.


In 2008, Spiegelman served as curator and a featured artist for the VAG's exhibit called Krazy: The Delirious World of Anime, Comics, Video Games and Art.  It was a fantastic show and a first of its kind at the gallery, spanning the history of influential comic artwork, and CO-MIX does not disappoint.

The crowd was so large on the Tuesday evening I attended the show, curator Bruce Grenville lost his voice as he tried to lead throngs of people through the exhibition.  The excitement in the room was so different from the gallery's usual solemn silence, as people pointed out their favorite Garbage Pail Kid and poked their heads around shoulders trying to read to the satirical Wacky Packages candy designs on the wall.


Spiegelman is best known for his Pulitzer Prize winning graphic novel Maus, where he tells the story of his Polish-Jewish father’s experience in Auschwitz  during the Holocaust.  The idea for a long form graphic exploration of this story came after writing a three page comic where the Jews were mice and Nazi’s were cats.  He thought about his idea for a long time, but when he heard that Steven Spielberg planned to make an animated movie based on a mouse called An American Tail, he rushed to finish his book before his idea was lost.


The final rooms of the exhibition are some of the most exciting, which show Spiegelman's later work for children's books, graphic essays, and cover art for The New Yorker.  He explores conversations with other comic artists, such as Maurice Sendak and Charles Shultz, and portrays his experience being in New York during the Sept 11 attack.


CO-MIX runs until June 9 and it is well worth setting aside an afternoon (or two!) to wander through this show.

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AS IT COMES- Public Art at the Canada Line

Like a foreboding title of a B-movie, Raymond Boisjoly’s public art installation suggests something terrifying and hilarious is about to happen inside the Canada Line.  What’s coming?  Who is IT?!

Raymond is known for text based artwork, which manipulates the meaning and significance of language.  He is an Aboriginal artist of Haida and Québécois descent based in Vancouver, and was recently a part of Beat Nation at the Vancouver Art Gallery.  Using the structure of spoken word poetry or by transforming the written word, his work calls attention to our internal belief systems in contemporary society.

By placing words that seem out of place in a public area, it pulls me out of the everyday, and I have to stop and think about what it means every time I walk by.  It reminds me to take life as it comes, but with such a gory and comical font, not to take it too seriously.

Raymond’s work can also be seen in the windows of the Contemporary Art Gallery, a colorful collage of passages from three North American First Nations autobiographies. In his upcoming talk at Emily Carr, he will discuss the intersections of contemporary craft, street art and traditional Northwest Coast imagery as it relates to history, technology and cultural practice.

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Sex Talk in the City exhibition at MOV

If you’re looking for a good time, you may want to give the MOV a call. Opening this week is Sex Talk in the City - an exhibition that tells the story of Vancouver’s sexual history through the exploration of three paradigms: the School, the Bedroom and the Street. These historical portholes let you peep into the politics that shaped this city.

Sex Talk in the City exhibition at MOV

The exhibition is a part of the Museum of Vancouver’s mandate to carry conversations about the city, to create a choir of voices with differing experience and backgrounds, and advocate for public dialogue.  Curator Viviane Gosselin consulted many agencies, including the public school board, the Vancouver Queer Film Festival and Health Canada, in her design for the show, and all of the organizing partners saw value in learning about our city’s cultural history through the lens of sexuality.

Sex Talk in the City exhibition at MOV

The exhibition also includes contemporary topics, such as Vancouver’s revival of burlesque entertainment, and the growth of the Pride Parade from a tiny protest to a world class event.  The collection includes pieces of lingerie from Melanie Talkington of Lace Embrace and photos of some of our favorite burlesque performers, including Lola Frost & Little Miss RiskCaptain Condom also makes a subtle appearance.

Sex Talk in the City exhibition at MOV

Sex Talk in the City exhibition at MOV

Visitors to this show can expect to gain insight into the history of things we sometimes take for granted, like birth control and AIDS medicine, and find context for current issues, like sexting and online pornography.  It shows how social movements often started in Vancouver, a place where culture and economics create conditions for social change.

Sex Talk in the City exhibition at MOV

Sex Talk in the City exhibition at MOV

This exhibition contains course language, sexual language, sexually suggestive scenes, and nudity presented within a historical, political, and educational context. Sex Talk in the City is intended for adults and youth 15 years and older who choose to learn about or discuss how ideas about sexuality have influenced life in Vancouver. Children younger than 15 may visit accompanied by an adult.

The opening reception is February 13.

6:30pm Doors open (please allow time for paid parking and admission)
7:00pm Event Begins
7:15pm Remarks
8:00pm Mingling and exhibition exploration
10:00pm Closing

Dress: In Red

Show continues from February 14 – September 2, 2013.  Please visit the Museum of Vancouver’s website for time and more info.

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Gorillaz animator Robert Valley speaks at Daisho Workshops

Robert Valley graduated from Emily Carr in 1992, and went on to produce some of the world’s most graphically recognizable and edgy animation projects. Best known for the his animation work with Gorillaz, he has also worked on some exciting projects including The Beatles Rock Band Trailer, Yoshitaka Amano’s 1001 Nights, and most recently Disney XD’s new series, TRON: Uprising.

Daisho is a workshop series at Emily Carr, where participants are able to learn from industry professionals in an intimate setting. Daisho, meaning the pairing of a long sword with a short sword (dai + shō = daishō), provides a platform where professional artists are able to share their work experience and students can ask questions and find inspiration.

Get your tickets to this exciting event here.

Time: 3:00 – 6:00 PM on Saturday, February 9th

Place: Emily Carr University – Room 245 – Map

Tickets: $40

Gorillaz artist Robert Valley speaks at Daisho Workshops

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INTERSECTIONS poster exhibit at Waterfront Station

Launching today on the Canada Line platform at Waterfront Station, INTERSECTIONS is a graphic design poster exhibit which explores the character and historical significance of seven recognizable locations in Vancouver.  Denman & Davie, Main & Hastings, Broadway & Granville- intersections bring diverse groups of people together and help shape the culture of a neighborhood.

For this show, seven local designers were asked to create a poster that represented the history, geography, architecture, and personality of the crossroads they were assigned.  Curated by The Platform Gallery, the exhibition is produced in collaboration with the Canada Line Public Art Program which provided the space for the show, as well as support from serveral community sponsors.

The Waterfront Station serves up to 250,000 people each month and is an excellent location for public art.  The show runs till mid summer.

IMG_3190 copy.png
IMG_3194 copy.png

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Embroidered Portraits at AntiSocial Gallery

Very cool art show going on in AntiSocial Gallery- a tiny gallery space in the back of the Main St Skateboard shop. Cathy Tipping started embroidering portraits of people she knew when she grew bored of following craft kit needlepoint patterns, which were of Australian landscapes.  She made her own templates using Photoshop filters, and matching skin tones to wool she had at home. 


An interview with Cathy Tipping can be found here.  Stop by and check it out!

The show opens Friday January 11th  at 7-10 p.m. at Antisocial Gallery, 2337 Main Street and runs through out the month of January.

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The End of the World at Hot Art Wet City

The coolest new gallery to Pop-Up in Vancouver is Hot Art Wet City.


Beginning with a small button production factory called Plan B, the Hot One Inch Action Button Show was launched, which gave way to the very successful Carded Show, Chris Bentzen is basically the most qualified person in Vancouver to start a pop up gallery called Hot Art Wet City


photo by @bentzen

The first event I attended was Navigating the Art Industy with Pennylane Shen from the Bau-xi Gallery and taught a 3 hour condensed version of her Marketing for the Arts course from Langara College.  It was such an interesting class with clear and grounded information for entering the business of art.  I highly recommend it for any fine artist interested in promoting their work for representation in high end galleries.


On Dec 7, I went back to the gallery for the End of the World is like Totally Near... and Stuff show.  It was the first art opening I've seen in that space, and what a great show! With well known Vancouver artists such as Rebecca Plett, Amelia Alcock-White and Megz Majewski, the art was inovative and inspired in the spirit of the apocalype.  I hung around for a couple of hours, chatting with other artists about everything from Howard Stern to personal banking.


Chris has interviewed over 50 Vancouver artists for his video series on the HAWC website, and it occurred to me that he probably has the best perspective on in the Vancouver art scene, so I asked him if such a thing exists.  He said there are so many cool people here, he wants to give them a place to go.  I asked him about a comment Pennylane made in her session, that people in the city need to get out more and interact with each other, and he agreed.

So with that in mind I hearby declare my New Years resolution.  If the world exists past the closing night party at HAWC on Dec 21, I am going to try to attend as many openings as possible, at least one a week for the next year, and write about them here. 


I didn't submit to the end of the world show, but I should have.  This is the piece I would have submitted.


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Hot Art Wet City

Every Thursday, HOT ART Wet City introduces you to the cultural creators of Vancouver, BC. Each new, intimate video interview features an artist, curator or facilitator from a broad spectrum of disciplines. We’re here to showcase the arts in Vancouver, connect Vancouver art audiences with their creative neighbours, and dispel the myth that “everyone” creative is leaving our wet city. Vancouver may not be the cultural centre of the world but we certainly are an incubator for talented people.

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Juxtapoz Magazine's 18th Birthday

This week I visited Copro Gallery in Santa Monica for a party with Juxtapoz...

It was such a great time, and so exciting to see so many of my favorite artists... like Camille Rose Garcia!

photo by Joey Pacheco

I watched someone throw real garbage into Rat Fink's art.  Success!

I think this kind of masked outdoor partying is illegal in Vancouver.

photo by Joey Pacheco


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Ode to Bill Murray

My painting was featured in BC living today- can't wait for the show!


Show your love for the man who made ghosts, groundhogs and ocean exploration cool.  Read more...

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Bill You Murray Me

My painting from Life Aquatic will be included in the Toast Collective's upcoming show!

From the creative and suspect minds that brought you the Steven Seagallery, comes the Bill You Murray Me? tribute gallery.

Will be a one-off night of debauchery at 648 Kingsway Ave on February 11th, 7-12 and beyond. Guests are expected to bring red toques, housecoats with pipe in hand and be bearded.

There will be cheap drinks, great music and tons of excellent art.
Bring your loved one(s)! It will be a hell of a night.

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