My Art was Stolen

 This is the ad for an exciting group show I made 3 pieces for during a pre-Christmas snow storm-

"What can you fit in a wooden box 12 inches high and two inches deep? Emerging artists in Vancouver have had that question put to them, and the results will be on display Tuesday evening (December 30) at the Autumn Brook Gallery. About 200 pieces will be on sale at the Vancouver Art Box Show, each priced at $100, with $50 going to the artist and $10 going to support Gallery Gachet. (In these tough economic times, original art doesn’t get much more affordable than that.) Expect to find painting, sculpture, paperwork, mixed media— or anything else that tickles a young artist’s fancy."

Ooh exciting!  Unfortunately, tis the season when scammers channel the spirit of the season!  The art was sold en mass, and there was a great turnout.  Too bad the organizer skipped town and none of the artists received any money for their work.  Actually, I had to pay the guy $10 per entry, so I actually paid him to steal my work. 

"Shary Contrary sold artwork in the show and is also angry. “It makes me sick to my stomach....I never questioned anything,” she said. “I feel like a fool.”


Posted on December 30, 2008 .