The Eastside Culture Crawl 2010


The Eastside Culture Crawl is an annual 3-day November event that involves artists who live in Vancouver's Eastside in an area bounded by Main St., 1st Ave., Victoria Drive, and the Waterfront. Painters, jewelers, sculptors, furniture makers, musicians, weavers, potters, writers, printmakers, photographers, glassblowers; from emerging artists to those of international fame... these are just a sampling of the exciting talents featured during this unique chance to meet local artists in their studios.


After an 8 month absence from Vancouver, I came back to find the view outside my window had changed.  With new eyes, I saw how fast the landscape had been altered, with hi-rise buildings popping up like a new crop, where they hadn't been standing before.  I realized how fast the city is changing- Vancouver is not only made of glass, it is made with timber and the effort of human hands.  The tools that are used to build this city are also used to tear it down.  The construction I captured in "I SAW Vancouver" has been completed, the builders have collected their tools and moved on to the next site; these saws show a brief moment in the history of Vancouver's continuing development. 

Posted on November 20, 2010 .