Vancouver is Awesome

A lovely interview with Anne Cottingham from

When Shary Contrary first emailed and invited me to attend a Dr Sketchy show, I’ll admit I initially hesitated. My drawing ability amounts to stick figures and cute round bunnies… not curvy burlesque models draped in lace. But Shary insisted that the show was for all abilities, so I showed up at The Wallflower on a Sunday night, pencil in hand. I found a delightfully eclectic mix of people – from anime aficionados to well-known Vancouver artist Neil Wedman, all crammed into the booths and tables sketching a black clad model furiously while a Charlie Chaplin movie played in the background. It was so much more exciting than the drawing classes I had taken in art school! So Shary and I met a week later to discuss the origin of Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art School over glasses of red wine.  Continue reading...

Posted on September 22, 2011 .