The End of the World at Hot Art Wet City

The coolest new gallery to Pop-Up in Vancouver is Hot Art Wet City.


Beginning with a small button production factory called Plan B, the Hot One Inch Action Button Show was launched, which gave way to the very successful Carded Show, Chris Bentzen is basically the most qualified person in Vancouver to start a pop up gallery called Hot Art Wet City


photo by @bentzen

The first event I attended was Navigating the Art Industy with Pennylane Shen from the Bau-xi Gallery and taught a 3 hour condensed version of her Marketing for the Arts course from Langara College.  It was such an interesting class with clear and grounded information for entering the business of art.  I highly recommend it for any fine artist interested in promoting their work for representation in high end galleries.


On Dec 7, I went back to the gallery for the End of the World is like Totally Near... and Stuff show.  It was the first art opening I've seen in that space, and what a great show! With well known Vancouver artists such as Rebecca Plett, Amelia Alcock-White and Megz Majewski, the art was inovative and inspired in the spirit of the apocalype.  I hung around for a couple of hours, chatting with other artists about everything from Howard Stern to personal banking.


Chris has interviewed over 50 Vancouver artists for his video series on the HAWC website, and it occurred to me that he probably has the best perspective on in the Vancouver art scene, so I asked him if such a thing exists.  He said there are so many cool people here, he wants to give them a place to go.  I asked him about a comment Pennylane made in her session, that people in the city need to get out more and interact with each other, and he agreed.

So with that in mind I hearby declare my New Years resolution.  If the world exists past the closing night party at HAWC on Dec 21, I am going to try to attend as many openings as possible, at least one a week for the next year, and write about them here. 


I didn't submit to the end of the world show, but I should have.  This is the piece I would have submitted.


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