INTERSECTIONS poster exhibit at Waterfront Station

Launching today on the Canada Line platform at Waterfront Station, INTERSECTIONS is a graphic design poster exhibit which explores the character and historical significance of seven recognizable locations in Vancouver.  Denman & Davie, Main & Hastings, Broadway & Granville- intersections bring diverse groups of people together and help shape the culture of a neighborhood.

For this show, seven local designers were asked to create a poster that represented the history, geography, architecture, and personality of the crossroads they were assigned.  Curated by The Platform Gallery, the exhibition is produced in collaboration with the Canada Line Public Art Program which provided the space for the show, as well as support from serveral community sponsors.

The Waterfront Station serves up to 250,000 people each month and is an excellent location for public art.  The show runs till mid summer.

IMG_3190 copy.png
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Written for Hello Vancity

Posted on February 1, 2013 and filed under 2013.