The Third Annual Boobies & Wieners Art Show

This year I am one of the featured artists at Hot Art Wet City's Annual Boobies and Wieners Art Show! I decided to do a few pieces based on our Instagram culture where everyone wants to see those tits, but nipples are censored against regulations of decency and community standards.

Boobies & Wieners is back for a third year featuring immature and explicit nude art from almost 100 artists, including some great work from a few American guests. If there’s anything Vancouver loves, it’s dirty art! ADULTS ONLY! VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED!

Photos from the show on Flickr > (you may have to login to Flickr to view)

Featuring: Two Dimes, Sabrina Elliott, Tina Lugo, Shary Contrary, Megan Magdalena and Nomi Chi.

Shary Contrary- Show Us Your Tits But Not Your Nips

Acrylic on Wood, 16x20

Mermaids Against Misogyny

Acrylic on Wood, 16x20 inches

Jenn Brisson- Frida Nipple

Acrylic on Wood 16x20 inches

Posted on November 30, 2015 .