Oh Joy Sex Toy

During the author book talk by Emily Nagoski at Powell's Books in Portland, she said she was going to be at She Bop the next day with illustrator Erika Moen.  I didn't know where She Bop was or who Erika was, but I rode my bike to Mississippi Ave the next day to find out.

I bought her book but missed her author talk that evening, and boy am I ever kicking myself now!  What a great book!  I haven't been able to put this down, and I think I'll read it again when I get to the end.  I learned so much about sex toys (and I already knew quite a lot!) and about different types of lube, body parts and sexual issues.

art by Erika Moen

art by Erika Moen

The drawings are clear and descriptive and I laughed out loud so many times.  She makes sex fun, stimulating, safe and normal.

My favorite thing about her drawings is how much diversity she is able to capture in her illustrations.  Men, women, trans, butch, fat, skinny, tall, short- they are all included in her many ways of expressing sex.  And I really fell in love when I saw the amputees and the person in the wheelchair- Erika Moen really thought to include everyone in her orgy of acceptance.


I can't say enough good things about this book.  Get your hands on one here.

Posted on April 10, 2015 .